Poetry paired with impairment


I’ve published & unpublished, started & abandoned, loved & ignored a number of sites thru the years – including this one. As my About page states, my poetry seldom made it out of the notebook it was written in so this is my attempt to digitize the lot. Thanx to chronic illnesses, I haven’t been able to write consistently so my poems ended up as scattered as my thoughts.

Those thoughts fight their way past pain thru a broken brain so I end up proud of each poem & hope you find a few worthy. I know a little about a lot and a lot about a little, and have forgotten more than I’ll ever know again – quite literally as I deal with brain issues due to chronic pain, including a daily headache with Migraine. My disabilty has worsened with time but I’m plugging away at making my mark and working on my writing again.

Impairment has been a strange companion down this path intermittently cobbled by poems. At times it has felt like more of a challenge yet never a deterrent. My love of words keeps me going. May a turn of phrase inspire you in turn.

“Hi, guys! I’m broken.”

— Janet, The Good Place