To Katherine

20ish girl with brown shoulder-length hair in a green tank top and gray sweater
my goddaughter, Katherine

I marvel at all that you are,
all that you are becoming,
as you go thru heartbreak
with a kindness that shouldn’t be possible
and a refusal to give up on life
as tempting as it seems:

You see the world
with hope and fear

Taking it on
thru pain and anxiety

You face your pain
with grace under pressure
despite all

Trudging onward
thru so much loss
despite her

Your huge heart
stitched together with hope
uncertain yet undeterred

purple copyright symbol 2016 Dorian Dorey

Katherine remained true to herself and has since found a someone who understands what love is, thereby understanding my Katherine. They seem marvelous and I look forward to meeting this singular proof that life not only goes on but improves.


  1. I love you so! This poem means so much, both for what it means and simply for the fact that it comes from you!!


  2. Well, I’m feeling happy for Katherine. There’s nothing like loving and being loved! !


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