Cult of Connection

The Millennium Simulation

from words we weave
our tête-à-tête tapestry
as music melds us amidst
the proffered prose & poems

randomly relating
thru coveted candor
encouraged expression
and intersecting intentions

in the acceptance of artistry
a foundation of friendship’s born
souls soar when hearts hold love lent
the cult of connection is complete.. as are we

this is dedicated to my fellow artisans

purple copyright symbol 2008 Dorian Dorey

“The Millennium Simulation” by Rich Murray on Flickr™


  1. I am standing in that place afar.
    The golden sun the moon never setting.
    Where dreams fly and hope lives on.
    Butterflies ferries fireflies dancing.
    Ancient libraries filled and overflowing.
    I am sitting in the blue room painted white.
    Waiting hoping dreaming.


  2. Coffee Sister,
    Lovely and thoughtful prose you’ve written.
    I’ll definitely be thinking about writing some myself thanks to you.

    Funny how the tapestry of our lives is woven with such a variety of unexpected threads. 🙂


  3. Dorian! This is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful and you made me all mushy and emotional with it~ Would you mind if I posted it on the site?


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