A Gift of Family

wide shot of an orange sunset over the oceanSunset the Second, taken by Joel

Last Saturday was not only my youngest sib, Joel’s, birthday but Momma’s 33rd Anniversary thus this post is meant as a gift to her also. Upon going into labor during an anniversary lunch with her husband, Momma tried to give Joel his own day but, generous from the start, he clearly didn’t mind sharing and was born six minutes til midnight.

He’s still generous, sharing new perspectives through computer designs and photography – especially the latter, as expressed in this poem about him:

beauty found in all
whether captured or enhanced
then offered anew

nature always sought
by foot or via the lens
explored and exposed

his kindness of heart
touches those surrounding him
informs all he does

laughter ever near
his wicked sense of humor
readily brought out

once a kissing bug
always a loving spirit
now he’s a hugger

born as if a gift
anniversary surprise
still giving each day

Misty Moon: HDR Rendering of the view from the deck of my parents place in Cobb, CA.Misty Moon, taken by Joel

PS: Happy Anniversary, Momma & David!

mountain adventures;
hiking, camping, barbeque,
through moments of love

your thirty-three years
provided a family
brothers I’d not have

purple copyright symbol 2008 Dorian Dorey

📷 “Sunset the Second” by dygerati / “Misty Moon” by dygerati


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