Sofa King Good

Haiku Friday

seemingly simple
missed comfort and convenience
found in a sofa

to sit, to stretch out
wonderful enough but add
pillows all about

amazing feeling
softness I had forgotten
lying on a bed

so encompassing
body pillow put to shame
surrounded by down

sitting up in bed
more than a luxury now
a rare treat it is

as I’m lying here
so soon again to lie there
painfully aware

not that time’s finite
nor how short a time it’s been
but that this must end

purple copyright symbol 2008 Dorian Dorey

This is not true haiku as the 5-7-5 format does not a haiku make; alas, it can nonetheless be fun & that’s precisely what this was – a bit of fun. As with all poetry though, even silly poetry, it also encapsulates a specific state of mind. In this case, what it felt like to visit a hotel overnight when such luxuries as furniture are not present at home.

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